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Consumers Say

Here is what consumers say who have had a no overdraft fee checking account!

 "...we are a family of modest means and unfortunately live pay check to pay check these days. Finding a bank that does not charge us ridiculous and downright criminal overdraft fees was a necessity."     

Sandy, MD

" overdraft fees, no ATM fees, and the choice to use bill pay or electronic check."     

Rob, MA

"As far as I am concerned, banks should be here to service the customer, not rob them. Like most everybody else, I have the tendency to spend more than I have from time to time."     

Kristina, MA

"I was looking for alternatives to our current bank, as fees were getting outrageous. Tired of $35 overdraft fees when your bank manipulates the order in which they pay transactions in order to maximize overdrafts and collect more fees?"     

Bryan, NC


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