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Opening and using Money Control Checking

How do I open a Money Control Checking account and how long does it take?

Financial institutions will require a valid driver's license or passport and a U.S. Social Security number.  And most will require an initial deposit of $30 to $100.
Most applications take 10-30 minutes to complete and then will need to be processed by the financial institution.  Assuming all required information is submitted and approved, you may start using your new account within 1 to 2 business days. 

Here is a general timeline of what to expect and when:
-Access to Online Banking:  Within 2 Business Days
- Welcome Kit with Starter Checks, Deposit Slips and More:  Within 5-7 business days
- Debit Card & PIN:  Within 10-15 business days

How can I make deposits to Money Control Checking?

The best way is to sign up for direct deposit of your paycheck, Social Security, or other government checks. Funds will be available in your checking account on the day you're paid. You may also convert cash into deposits by using PayPal, some prepaid cards and Western Union. 

Where can I use my VISA® or MasterCard® ATM / debit card?

You can use your debit card anywhere in the world that VISA or MasterCard is accepted.

When can I use online banking?

Online banking is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week with Internet access.  No special software is required. You just need to use a common Internet browser like Microsoft Internet Explorer. Checking your account balance is free and there are no limits or fees like prepaid cards or some other accounts.

What services are available with online banking?

With online banking, you'll be able to:
- See your current checking account balance.
- Make online payments to anyone that you would normally pay by check.
- Make account-to-account payments to individuals.
- View your transaction history and cleared checks.
- Transfer money to any U.S. checking account or savings account.
- Download account information to other software.


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